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Network with members from the big data community at our data challenge launch workshops. Expect great sharing sessions on best practices for data analytics, and hands-on workshops showcasing state-of-the-art technology, and a new Challenge announced!

Upcoming Challenges

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AIA-Konica Minolta Digital Health Hackathon

Build and deliver innovative digital health solutions that ensure data is part of a closed loop system by providing updates, actions and monitoring to evaluate efficacy.

HP Social Hack!

Foster stronger collaborations and communications amongst social innovators, and build a robust social marketplace to accelerate the growth of the Social sector

Changi Airport Hackathon

Redesign travellers' experience – during Pre-Departure, In Transit and On Arrival – and develop solutions to help Changi stay ahead of regional competition.

Smart Port Hackathon 2015

Improve the efficiency and productivity of the maritime and port services supply chains in the Port of Singapore ecosystem.

Ministry of Defence Data Analytics Challenge

Based on HR data, Ministry of Defence Data Analytics Challenge is announced and best teams will have a chance to participant in hackathon.

Rakuten-Viki Global TV Challenge

Data Challenge to build a model for recommending TV drama episodes to individual users based on past viewing behaviour, user demographics, and video attribute data.

Clean & Green Hackathon

Help make Singapore a truly clean city and a 'Zero Waste Nation' by creating solutions that enable behavioural or mindset change.

Smart Health coLAB

Hear and discuss the points-of-view of different stakeholders on wellbeing, healthy lifestyle and new technology opportunities to explore how staying healthy can be made smarter.

Smart Nation API coLAB

Discover and learn more than 100 APIs and hack out new API-enabled applications, and network with like-minded tech and data enthusiasts.

Manpower Hackathon

Explore smart uses of technology to empower workers with information and change the mindsets and behaviour towards better workplace safety.

Unilever Overall Score Prediction Challenge

Data innovation challenge to identify a model that can predict consumer preferences (Overall Opinion Score) based on formulation data and consumer survey results.

IDA Data Discovery Challenge

Discover and mash up private and public datasets to generate new business opportunities and develop new products and services.

Great Eastern Insurance Innovation Challenge: PHASE I

Data innovation challenge to provide new, innovative ideas on how the insurance business can provide better services to consumers and grow revenue.

Prudential Healthcare Challenge

A Data Innovation Challenge hosted by Prudential based on comprehensive data on hospital bills and profile of consumers.

Silverline Mobile Predictive Behaviour Challenge

A Data Innovation Challenge hosted by Silver Mobile based on different types of sensors data to improve and achieve healthier and happier life.

Sales Forecast of Electronics Segment

A Data Innovation Challenge hosted by DSM Engineering Plastics based on different types of sales data such as actual sales, CRM, budget, and forecasted data


  • Rakuten-Viki Final Presentation Event

    The Rakuten-Viki Global TV Recommender Challenge has finally come to a successful closure on the 16 September 2015. Six Teams (Team Merlion, Team GM, Team Haipt, Team Pritish,Team Gbenedek & Team Lenguyenthedat) were invited to present publicly in front of a pool of audiences and the judges.

  • Rakuten Viki Challenge Results

    Finalist teams are announced! We would like you to join us for the final presentation event where shortlisted teams will present their algorithms and insights to you.


  • We’re excited to launch the UK Health & Wellness Challenge for Data City | Data Nation and invite the DEXTRA...
    over a year ago
  • We’re excited to launch the UK Health & Wellness Challenge for Data City | Data Nation and invite the DEXTRA...
    over a year ago


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